Fastest Growth

Business growth is essential to survival, and growth spurt can happen at any stage of the business lifecycle.

The Fastest Growth Award recognises a business, of any age, which has demonstrated outstanding growth in the last year. This category is for you if you own a business which:

  • Has experienced and can demonstrate phenomenal growth in the last 12 months

Entry Questions

  • All category entrants will be asked to provide
    • Your full name,
    • The Business name
    • Contact details (phone, email)
    • Website and social media links
    • A description of the business and industry, why you started it, and what you offer
    • A high res and clear cut version of your logo for promotional purposes
  • What is the average annual growth rate of your industry and how does your growth compare to the industry average?
  • Demonstrate your phenomenal growth in the last 12 months through relevant measurables (e.g. sales, profit, staff or client numbers etc.).
  • Describe how you achieved this significant growth.
  • What challenges did you face during this time of significant growth and how did you overcome these?
  • What are your forecasts and predictions for the next 12 months?
  • Detail any other notable achievements your business has made during this time of phenomenal growth.

The maximum word count for each question is 500 words and each question allows you to upload ONE file as supporting evidence. If you have several documents for a particular question, please combine them into one file before uploading it. Acceptable file types are JPEG, PNG PDF and docx and the maximum file size for each upload is 1024Kb.

Some examples of supporting information/documents include sales figures, profit/loss statements, testimonials, social media insights, press releases, meeting notes, company policies, certificates, links to online resources and/or any other metrics you are using to measure your success. You only need to attach financial information if this demonstrates you have achieved financial goals or objectives.

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