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What’s it all about?

Community Support

You’re in good company with 7,000+ like-minded business owners who have been where you are and love to support each other on our business journeys together. 

Connect & Collaborate

Build real connections, with real people all over the country. You can connect with others in real time and build business relationships that will help your business grow. 

Educate & Inspire

In the ever-changing world of business, we can all learn from each other always. From the smallest tip from someone to a large life lesson, we share our experiences and help educate and inspire. 

Here’s what our community members think

An amazing group of business people

I discovered the Network NZ Business Facebook group about a year ago and found an amazing group of business people who were very generous in sharing their expertise. I had no hesitation in signing up as a Breakthrough Member. The networking, support, and members-only webinars have been invaluable. I have found a new accountant, received help from our web gurus and learnt so much from the other members. It has certainly been a very worthwhile investment in my business and I highly recommend it.

~ Karen Platzer
African Encounters Ltd

The right group for support, interaction, knowledge and expertise

On entering this Network group and becoming a Breakthrough member of Network NZ I had little knowledge of running a business, so that meant very little support. I have not looked back or joined any other group because I know I am in the RIGHT group for support, interaction, knowledge and expertise across many of the reoccurring issues. Along with social interaction, there is humour, and you are also amongst like minded businesses. I cannot stress enough the total commitment that accompanies this group.There is also the fun and knowledge of posts, webinars, and theme days to maintain a variety. You have every chance to be included in the collaborations and markets. This is the most helpful and non judgemental group. By joining this group your business will grow and grow.

~ Leanne Spice
The Great New Zealand Toy Store

It blew my mind how helpful all the business owners were

I joined the Network NZ Facebook page when I first started up my business; I’ve learnt so much from this group, it blew my mind how helpful all the business owners were on sharing their knowledge, so I had no hesitation on becoming a Breakthrough member too! My business has definitely grown from what I have learnt from being a Network NZ member. Thank you to all the members of the Network NZ team for all your amazing help!

~ Bridget Isted
Little Hugs Baby

The Rules

No Spam

Spammers suck. This community is a safe place that you can be in, spam free. If you spot any spammy activity, please let us know immediately. Likewise, don’t spam the group and definitely do not private message any member without getting their permission in the group first.

No Self Promo

There are plenty of opportunities to grow your business in this community, so don’t be the sleazy salesperson. 

Help & share

Being a community, we are all about helping, sharing and supporting each other.  So if there’s someone who you can see can benefit from an encouraging word, or you’ve been where they are and could offer some helpful advice, jump in, they will really appreciate it.

Be Kind to Each Other

Kindness is free, and we are all human. So it goes without saying that kindness is something we value extremely highly. Be kind to one another, we are all navigating this together. 

Sound good, but want more?

Our Network NZ Breakthrough Membership offers you the next level of support in your business. If you are serious about your business growth and connecting with other business owners, this membership is for you. 

Connected Community

This smaller engaged and connected community will see you building strong relationships with people who will actively support your business and get to know more about you and your business. We become part of your business growth and success, your #NNZFamily. 

Grow Your Business

Promote your business to our 7,000+ strong business community, get a well-ranking business directory listing, and have plenty more opportunities to promote and grow your business. 

Upskill Yourself

Get access to industry leaders, business resources and online business coaching sessions on topics such as marketing, social media, websites, copywriting, IP law, business law you will grow your skills and future-proof your business.