About NNZ and the Business Awards

Committed to connecting and growing people in business

About Network NZ

The Network NZ Business Community Facebook group was originally created by Michelle Goulevitch in 2012. Michelle’s vision was to create a safe online space where business owners from all around New Zealand could connect, gain support, and grow their businesses in real time.

While running your own business is incredibly rewarding, some days can be challenging and lonely. So it was no surprise that her idea proved popular. Network NZ grew from a small online group to a recognised brand of its own. It became a business community where people were comfortable to ask for help and offer it in return. In true collaborative kiwi style, the members are all about looking after the little guy, right through to supporting large businesses.

Mandy Chamberlin and Candice Baker took ownership of Network NZ in early 2018. Their vision was to build on what Michelle had created, and continue to provide a flexible platform for business owners to connect. It was also to focus on helping NZ businesses gain access the best support and resources to help them nurture and grow their businesses.

Network NZ is a safe and supportive online community that welcomes business owners from all industries and walks of life. Like any community, we are as strong as our members. With your help, we can do phenomenal things to support the growth of small, medium and large business right here in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive and accessible from anywhere in New Zealand – providing support to businesses, no matter where they operate from, and support them in achieving their dreams.

Succeeding in business is all about making connections.

– Richard Branson –

Our Purpose

Network NZ is passionate about helping people in business and enriching their lives. We do this by providing a supportive and encouraging platform for business owners to build meaningful connections and grow in a personal and professional way.

Our mantra of enriching lives goes well beyond individual lives. We believe it means that collectively, we all feel inspired and confident to grow and make the greatest impact in our industries and the world!


Our Values

We are continually growing a strong network aligned with our core values of:


Be true to your word and act with integrity in your dealings with everyone in Network NZ. We believe there is more than enough business to go around and encourage you to focus on doing what you do well in a way that aligns with your values.


We are here to support each other in an uplifting and positive way. Others will remember how you made them feel, so make every interaction count in a meaningful way.

Kindness and Respect

Be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated. We are all in this together, we are all business owners, these are real people you are engaging with. Being kind and respectful to others when times are stressful can really go a long way.


Be truthful, open and sincere. Use honesty as the basis for the relationships you build through Network NZ.

About The Business Awards

The inaugural Network NZ Business Awards were run in 2017 with great success. The awards were run online, and the winners announcements were done in a live stream video presentation hosted by Michelle Goulevitch and Colart Miles.

The awards are designed to celebrate SME’s in New Zealand. So that their successes and great achievements can be recognised. Any business can enter any award category that they feel is suitable for their brand. They are accessible to anyone from anywhere in New Zealand and open to all industries.

There are very few awards designed to recognise outstanding achievement in the SME arena in New Zealand. However, New Zealand is made up of over 500,000 small to medium-sized businesses (that is categorised as any business with less than 20 employees).

2019 Awards

This year we have teamed up with The Common, who share the same vision and have a physical space for entrepreneurs to meet. This enables us to broaden our reach for the awards as well as have a physical space for us to hold the awards ceremony in.

Not only will there be a live finalist announcement event, but the awards ceremony will be hosted at The Common, as well as live streamed.

The entry and judging process has been extensively reviewed to ensure integrity and best practice is adhered to.

A shared view of Network NZ and The Common is to support and grow New Zealand businesses and their owners. As such, every entry submission will receive feedback from the professional business judges. There is an entry fee of $100 per business, with the ability to enter as many categories as the business feels they qualify for.

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